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Headache and Facial pain

Facial pain

When the optic nerve is pinched, pain can arise over the entire side of the skull, between forehead and chin and to the ears. A set of three branches of nerves lies over the head. At the website of Werkgroep Aangezichtspijn en op de Richtlijn Aangezichtspijn from the Nederlandse Vereniging van Hoofdpijnpatiënten you will find more information.

Pain in the jaw joints.

Temporomandibular disorder or jaw pain is caused most of the time by complex muscles around the jaw. Pain in the head arises due to trigger points that appear in this area.

Headaches may occur due to:

Neck problems. When a blockage arises between the skull or the neck or thoracic vertebrae, or too much muscle tension or asymmetric movement neck problems can occur. We recommend Physiotherapy, Manual therapy or Dry needling.

Accumulation of fluid in the skull. Can appear after or during surgical procedures, brain surgery, dental procedures, bumping the skull, concussions or sinusitis. Manual lymph drainage and lymph taping are offered to get some relieve.

Imbalance of the central nervous system or the endocrine system. Sometimes there is a very strong reaction to stimuli of the nerves or blood vessels, for example during migraine or (before) a period (menstrual migraine). Relief can be given through a connective tissue massage.

Internal or external stress – emotionally, mentally, socially. Stress symptoms can affect your body, for example muscles in the skull can cause tension headaches. Heart coherence training, stress management techniques and relaxation exercises may help to be able to better deal with stress.

Medication. One of the most common side effects of medication are headaches. For example, receiving chemotherapy. You may find more information at the NL headache website.

Eyestrain.Poor vision, squinting and looking at an image for a long period of time all cause tension in the eye muscles. Neck muscles are connected to the eye muscles and become tense too. The head is often moved forward to be able to see more. Major headaches will arise. An excellent optometrist can change this. Visit the oogartsen.nl website to read more.