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Jitse Bakker

Jitse Bakker

I started working at Fysiotherapie Haarlem-Oost in 2012. The body can best be considered as a whole. With a broad perspective I try to get to the heart of a health problem. I use a combination of techniques like medical taping, manual (connective tissue) mobilization, and functional exercise therapy. With these tools I assist a patient with their help request in daily living activities, work, or sport.

I treat patients with acute, chronic and complex health conditions. The 4xT method helps with testing, triggering, taping and training. From my orthopedic rehabilitation course I received a lot of inspiration. Not only do we look locally but also at the connective tissue to treat disruptions in tissue tension.

In addition to Physiotherapy I enjoy giving physio fitness classes at Mondays and Tuesdays.


Physiotherapy, Physiofit, back training, 4XT method orthopedics, Energy Control method.


Education, training & experience:

  • (Top) Sports Guidance
  • Rehabilitation after surgery, such as knee, hip, back and shoulder
  • Treatment of work related problems (RSI, KANS)
  • Advice for work space adjustments
  • Medical taping therapy
  • Training of the back by the Back Rehabilitation System
  • Tailor made fitness training
  • 4xT method

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