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Welcome to Fysiotherapie Haarlem-Oost! What do we offer?

  • Knowledge - We believe in knowledge, expertise and experience. Every physical complaint is different and special.
  • Tailor-made approach – We realise every person is unique, we offer tailor-made treatments and look at the individual.
  • Trust - We want our patients to feel at ease, to get them to move better.
  • Dedication - Fun at work is very important to us, this benefits us and especially our patients.
  • Teamwork - Our pleasant team always keeps evolving, we are eager to learn. What is best for our patients, what do they need?

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Physical Therapy

We offer all forms of physiotherapy, and build from tissue repair to movement. From dry needling to running coaching, with attention for your personal situation.

Running and walking coaching

Edema therapy

The application of manual lymph drainage, compression means and exercise can be applied. We also treat emerging spider veins, heavy legs with exercises and compression.

Personal Training

Persoonlijke oefeningen, die passen bij uw doelen. Individuele training in de praktijk en zelf oefenen thuis. Type, Frequentie, Duur en Intensiteit op u afgestemd. Veilig op 1.5 m afstand!

Facial therapy

Moving yourself while your fascias or connective tissue structures are deeply massaged is useful for persistent complaints and scars. This intensive treatment lasts about 90 minutes and is not covered by physiotherapy.


For patients who are in treatment with us, it is possible to have compression stockings and other compression materials. This goes via Physiotech and on referral from a doctor.

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