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Physical Therapy

We offer all forms of physiotherapy, and build from tissue repair to movement: dry needling, kinesiotaping, exercises in our practice or at home. Also in palliativ situations, after surgery, sportinjuries or oncology treatments. Always is your own activity helpfull and necessary!

Running coaching

Walking, running problems we analyse with video, measurements of power, mobility, coordination with the runeasi and stryd. We can test your threshold with the Energy Control Method, Fittest and recovery possibilities, like Heart Rate Variability.

Edema therapy

The application of manual lymph drainage, compression and exercise can be applied for Lymphedema. We also treat emerging spider veins, heavy legs  and/or lipedema with exercises and organize compression.



(Sportspecific) Rehabilitation

Personal exercises that suit your goals. Individual training in practice and practice at home. Type, Frequency, Duration and Intensity tailored to you. We offer walking therapy for Claudication intermittens, Individual Reha during and after Oncological Treatments.

Myofascial therapy

Moving yourself while your fascias or connective tissue structures are deeply massaged is useful for persistent complaints and scars. This intensive treatment can last about 90 minutes and is not covered by physiotherapy. Scartherapy is also possible after surgery or radiation. When this can lead to better movement, we hope it can be covered by your health insurance.

Manuele therapie

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a specific method of health examination and treatment. Focus lies on the spine and pelvis. Due to muscle tension, or joints that are immobile, blockages can occur. The result is pain, not being able to move very well, feeling stuck and sometimes trapped nerves.