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1-2-2022, man, 38, giant cell tumor in knee

I have been diagnosed with a giant cell tumor (diffuse) in my right knee leading to a major operation at LUMC in June 2021. The operation was open synovectomy, which involves removal of synovial tissue with carving the whole knee joint. The operation area is so big that it leads to many scars, stitches and a knee that looks like a balloon. I am super lucky that I have met Jeannette Klop. We have been working together for my knee since July 2021. I can now run, jump, bike and do whatever I want. Walking for hours or climbing many stairs is not a problem for me. The therapy they offer is tailor based specifically to your needs. My muscles are stronger and my whole lymph system is working much better. The swelling and inflammation is gone. Her depth of knowledge is beyond imagination and she blended it with years of experience. If you have a problem with your mobility, you are in the right hands.