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Jeannette Klop

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Jeannette Klop

Physiotherapist Haarlem Oost

As a physiotherapist and oedema therapist I have been working at Fysiotherapie Haarlem-Oost since 1999. I have moved to the core of my profession over the years, or actually life itself, cells and the environment where they have to survive. When our cells live in a healthy environment surrounded by good substances, clean running fluids and excellent disposal of waste, all is going well for us humans. Our body consists of 70 percent of water, just like the earth. To make lymph and blood flow better through a body I use my head, heart and hands.


Physio- and oedema therapy, lymphatic drainage, Physiofit, Kinesio- and lymph taping, Heart Coherence training, varicose vein and scar treatment, fitting compression stockings, individual cancer rehabilitation.

Education, training & experience:
  • Manual Lymph drainage ad Modum Vodder
  • Measuring compression aids and stockings (Fysiotek)
  • Individual oncology rehabilitation (Oncofit)
  • Scar management or scar treatment
  • Guidance of palliative and terminal patients
  • Specific guidance for varicose vains
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Breathing therapy, psychotonics Glaser
  • Heart coherence
  • Teacher ergonomics in higher education/adult education
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