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Manuele therapie

What is manuel therapy?

Manual therapy is a specific method of health examination and treatment. Focus lies on the spine and pelvis. Due to muscle tension, or joints that are immobile, blockages can occur. The result is pain, not being able to move very well, feeling stuck and sometimes trapped nerves.

Purpose of therapy

During a treatment the manual therapist will use a variety of techniques to improve the function of the joints to increase movement and minimize pain. Gentle mobilisation techniques are used, and sometimes measured impulse techniques like a quick short thrust. Treatment is in general painless. You will receive instructions and advice on how to keep your body posture and how to move. Most of the time improvement is noticed right after a treatment. Joints work better and moving around is easier. Our manual therapist is internationally trained in dosed and safe manual treatments and has years of experience, starting from 1987.

Which complaints are treatable with manual therapy?

  • Headaches and neck pain combined with a lack of mobility of the spine
  • Neck and shoulder problems, with or without pain radiating to the arms
  • Lower back problems, with or without pain radiating to the legs
  • Upper back pain, possibly combined with rib or breast pain
  • Dizziness experienced when moving the neck
  • Jaw problems (TMJ), possibly combined with neck problems
  • Hip pain, with or without pelvis problems

Are there any risks?

Sometimes complications in the neck area may occur during a treatment.

We do everything in our power to prevent this. Only after a thorough examination will we start treatment. You can find an introductory video by the NVTM here(Dutch), and a patient brochure here(Dutch). Your therapist will inform you extensively about your situation and will ask your permission before applying manual therapy. Continue reading here for more information about the scientific support of manual physical therapy.(Dutch)